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Posted by: tmwwtw
Posted on: Saturday, December 6, 2008
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Zinmag Futura

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Author: Jinsona Designs
Demo: View Demo
Download: Click here to download this template

7 Responses to "Zinmag Futura"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    where Download ?

  2. tmwwtw Says:

    hi webblogvn,

    click on donate button @ sidebar. leave ur email here. i will attach this template thru email.

  3. Kik@sso Says:


  4. Jaydip Says:

    U r genius. I am using blogspot since 2006 and seen many designer till now. But u r absolutely out of the crowd. I think u deserve best. I am web marketing professional and if you are looking for web promotional help /guidance then contact me. I like to work with people like. I will not charge any think to you as I become fan of your talent.

    I am ready to pay your price. I like a lot. I might go for it.

    Can you convert for me? you can download the theme from

    Kindly reach to me with ur proposal.

    Jaydip Parikh

  5. Anonymous Says:


    I need Blogger Version of "Zinmag Futura"
    Please send the theme to

    Thank in Advance!

  6. iFant Says:

    This Goods, i likes it but I dont like to donation, i'd like free download..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hi -

    Do you have a blogger conversion for "Zinmag Primus"?

    If I'm missing it on your site, please point me into the right direction. I haven't found a conversion for that theme available anywhere online.


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