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Hi everyone,
WordpressToBlogger and WP2B is a totally free template website where we convert awesome free wordpress themes into identical blogger templates.
All the templates at these two sites are free and available for download and use by any bloggger using Google's blog system.

We are looking to release at least 10 templates each month to these 2 sites. As the work is done for free and we have to pay monthly fee to host the images and themes we are looking for sponsors for each templates released.

This will indefinitely help to ease our monthly burden and compensate a bit of our work done.
For each template there will be one sponsor at only $47USD via Paypal.

These are some few reasons why you should be a sponsor:

a) To help us the converters to give back something to the blogger community. Currently more designers are focusing solely on Wordpress and we are trying to give the bloggers a chance to have the same quality design and make their blogs better looking.

b) Sponsors will have those advantages -
>> We will mention the name and your website URL at the template release page.
>> We will include your website link at the templates eg:
sponsored by Example

Your site will be cherished by thousands of users that are using the template and this will help build your site's reputation and traffic.

If you are interested, please send us an email at

or just comment here if you cannot see the above image.